Re-Line Bunion Surgery

What is a bunion?

bunion podiatry foot surgeryA bunion is a bump made up of bone and soft tissue that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe. When the big toe pushes against the next toe, the joint of the big toe gets bigger, sticks out, and the skin over the bump or bunion may be red and very sore.

Bunion causes

The most common cause for a bunion is the continued wearing of shoes that don’t fit correctly, such as shoes with a narrow, pointed toe box that squeeze the toes into unnatural positions and shoes that are too small. Bunions can also be caused by an inherited structural defect in the feet, injuries, stress on the foot, or sometimes by arthritis.

Women have about four times as many problems with their feet as men. High heels are partly to blame. Many times forcing feet into narrow, high-heeled shoes or shoes that are too small can cause hammertoes, an unsightly and often very painful bending of the toe, as well as bunions, a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe.

Bunion Symptoms

  • The symptoms of a bunion can include the following:
  • A bump that bulges on the outside of the base of the big toe
  • Swelling, redness and or soreness around the big toe joint
  • Corns or calluses where the big toe overlaps the second toe
  • Restricted and painful movement of the big toe
  • Skin thickening at the base of the big toe

Bunion Treatment: Re-Line Bunion Surgery

The goal for bunion correction surgery is to relieve as much pain and discomfort as possible and correct the deformity by returning your toe to the correct position.

If your surgeon has determined that your bunion needs surgical intervention, the Re+Line® Bunion Correction System may be an option. This unique implant was designed for precise bunion correction surgery. It allows the surgeon to accurately fix the bone and correct the soft tissue issues, which potentially leads to   better results for patients. There is even the possibility of weight bearing shortly after surgery, only with the surgeon’s approval.

If you are in the process of deciding whether or not you should undergo bunion correction surgery, we want to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make the best choice. Surgery isn’t recommended unless the bunion is causing severe pain that interferes with and limits daily activities, your big toe is chronically inflamed and swollen and doesn’t improve with rest or medications, and failure to improve with the use of home remedies or non‐surgical treatments.

There are several surgical procedures available to correct bunions. They may involve repair of tendons and ligaments, removing swollen tissue from around the big toe joint, removing part of the bone to help straighten the big toe, and joining the bones of the affected joint permanently. Recovery from surgery varies by the type of surgery performed. Your doctor will choose the procedure best suited to your condition.


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